Lithium Battery Power Pack – The Ultimate Energy Storage System

After almost 18 months of research, testing and proving, Enerdrive has finally designed and created a COMPLETE Lithium Battery & Installation System so your Li-Ion battery bank is fully protected. Most importantly, our system is designed to give the maximum performance, longevity and SAFTEY in your valuable installations.

Available in the following sizes: 100Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah & 500Ah @ 12 volts DC & 200Ah @ 24 volts DC

Lithium Battery Power Pack

The market is a buzz with the hot topic of Lithium Ion Batteries; and we can tell you from our testing to date that all the hype of their performance and capabilities is TRUE. However what we can also inform you is that all the stories of their ‘Issues’ are unfortunately also true. However the so called “issues’ of lithium can be avoided with some very basic rules about protection.

  • Never go overvoltage whilst charging them
  • Never let them go ‘Dead’ Flat
  • Keep the individual cells ‘Balanced’

At Enerdrive we were unfortunately introduced to the perils of Lithium while doing trials on a customers specialised application 18 months ago.

Not having our own Lithium offering we sourced from another company in Australia a range of batteries, which turned into one of the worst nightmares we have ever had to deal with! We had one of the supplied batteries simply stop working, then another catastrophically EXPLODE.

Then to make matters worse, we had a 3 month wait for replacement stock as the so called ‘IMPORTER’ did not carry stock in Australia (at which point we can assure you that neither we, nor our customer was a very happy camper).

What this lesson taught us was that to do Lithium – IT HAD TO BE DONE RIGHT!!
So we developed our own Lithium Power Pack for the Australian market with the emphasis on ‘built like a tank’; and even to the extent of being a little bit ‘overkill’ on the packaging and protection.

So what’s so advanced about our Enerdrive Advance BMS Relay Driver?

  • 2 x Normally Open Contacts (1 amp Max) each – used to operate Relays connected to Chargers, Solar or a DC/AC relay connected to Combi Units (HV protection)
  • 1 x Normally Closed Contact (5 amp Max) – used to operate a relay connected to Chargers, Solar or a DC/AC relay connected to Combi Units. (HV protection)
  • 1 x Normally Closed Contact (10 amp Max) – used to operate Field wire of Alternator, Requirements of Alternator must be assessed to see if this is suitable as will not suit all applications

System Program Selection Switch

The Enerdrive Advanced BMS Relay Driver has 2 pre-programed settings.

Output 1-4 Disabled; is programmed if you do not wish to use the Output contacts. If the battery SOC% is Low or Cell Voltage is high, the BlueSea relay will disengage, turning off the whole system to protect the battery.

Output 1 – 4 Enabled; is programmed if you wish to utilise the Output contacts (Recommended to use this setting). Using this program allows you to have the charging sources run through external relays allowing the BMS to isolate the charging source in the event of a cell voltage being too high without turning the whole electrical system Off. In the event of low SOC% the Blue Sea relay will disengage to protect the battery.

Low State of charge (SOC%) Relay Cut Out.

The system is designed to disconnect the battery if it has been drained to a pre-set capacity. When the monitor registers the low SOC% set point, it will disengage the Blue Sea Latching Relay to prevent further discharge and/or damage to the battery.

So what’s in the Enerdrive Lithium Power Pack?

  • High Quality Lithium Ion Phosphate Cells from one of the leading manufacturers (LiFePO4)
  • Every cell is protected by an internal BMS control board protecting the batteries from Cell imbalance and high voltage situations (that’s bad – very bad for you and the batteries)
  • All 4 cells (12v units) are clamped together by stainless strapping, secured to the battery box base, and then encased in a powder coated zinc shell for the ultimate protection and zero movement of the cells
  • Battery cable (supplied) from the battery to the installation kit is 95mm2
  • There is no possible method to connect loads to the battery without running through the installation kit. The Installation kit is connected to the battery box using a unique ‘aircraft’ grade connection plug that ensures high current capabilities and positive locking

Now let’s look at the installation plate:

  • 400amp ClassT DC main fuse and holder
  • 500amp / 50mV shunt for connection to the ePRO battery monitor
  • ePRO battery monitor with 10 meters of connection cable supplied for remote location of monitor
  • BlueSea Systems 500amp Latching Relay for low battery disconnect
  • Then finally, our proprietary in house designed and built Advanced BMS Relay Driver

ePRO Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor Supplied

The ePRO Battery Monitor is supplied as part of the installation kit and is pre-programmed by Enerdrive with all of the alarm set points to match the specific installation. The meter will show all of the relative information like Volts, Amps, Amp-hours, Percentage State of Charge & Time to go. It will also record all of the history data of the Lithium Ion, Deepest Discharge, Battery Cycles, Hi/Low Voltage & Amps, All Alarm History Etc. This is a critical part of the Lithium Ion installation kit and a must have for any battery system.


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